Spray Attractions

Spray Attractions can bring any water area to life. APARC offers highly interactive water spray features for recreational facilities all over the world. Spray attractions are series of different interactive splish splash water park features that kids can play with in splash pads.

We have combined spray attractions with thematic design which expands the imaginations of kids and empower them to have good time while learning. At APARC we provide an exclusive array of Spray attractions for kids of all ages.


Spray attractions utilize a simple universal base installation, so that features can easily be added, removed or replaced.

Maintenance Free

With minimal moving parts, products are easily maintained and readily available.


Designed with maximum safety in mind for the kids.Each Spray attraction is ergonomically designed and the products are created in rounded forms with no protrusions or entrapment hazards.

Butterfly Spray
J Spray
Arc Spray
Leaf/Flower Spray
Mushroom Umbrella
Rotating wheel
Tilting Coconut Bucket
Multi Tilting Cone
Rainbow Rings
Pencil Spray
Sink & Sax Tots
Spinning Spray

Kids Animal Slides

Butterfly Slide
Elephant Slide
Fish Slide
Frog Slide
Hippo Slide
Shark Slide
Ship Slide